How do I dry my shoes?

The best way to dry your shoes is to use one of our shoe dryers, that we have developed specially for this purpose. Depending on the model, you benefit from different properties of the shoe dryer. Shoes can be dried with or without heat, with UV light or ionization function to reduce bacteria and thereby prevent odour. We also have models to dry high boots and ski boots.

How does a shoe dryer work?

Our shoe dryers are run on electricity or by a 12 V car adapter. The models vary in how they work. We have models that dry using fans, heating elements or circulation.

How do I dry wet shoes?

Choose one of our shoe dryer models to dry wet shoes efficiently. We offer models with functions that not only dry efficiently, but also reduce bacteria in your shoes and thus help prevent bad odours developing.

How do I dry leather shoes?

In order to protect sensitive material such as leather, some of our models have the option of drying gently without using additional heat. They dry with the ambient heat.

Can I also dry other items of clothing with a shoe dryer?

Yes. You can also dry all items of clothing, such as gloves, scarves or ski helmets with our dryers.

How does the ionizer work?

Negatively charged ions produced by the ionizer bind the odour molecules that are positively charged. By binding the negatively charged ions to the positively charged ions, they are neutralised and the odour molecules are eliminated.