How do boot heaters work?

Boot heaters are insoles for your shoes. They have a built-in heating element in the toe area and are connected to a battery by a connecting cable. Turn the battery on and the heating element in the toe area gets warm. The battery is attached to the back of your shoe using clips or screws.
We also have a model where the heating element and battery are both integrated directly into the insole and can be controlled using the Alpenheat APP.

How long does a shoe heater heat for?

The heating time of the heating insoles varies depending on the model and heating level, for example our Lithium model can heat for up to 24 hours.

Which heating insole heats the longest?

Our Lithium model can heat for up to 24 hours on the lowest heat setting.

Where do heated insoles heat?

The heating elements in our insoles heat the toe area.

Are there shoe heaters in my size?

Our heating insoles have size guide lines marked on the back of the insole. You can cut the insoles exactly to your size along these lines.

Which shoes can I use shoe heaters in?

In principle, you can use our heated insoles in any shoe model, as they are extremely thin. However, if you choose our Wireless Hotsole model, that have the heating element and battery integrated into the insoles they are slightly thicker, so make sure the insoles will fit in the shoes you want to use the heaters in.

How do I attach the battery to my shoe?

There are various mounting options included your set. You can either slide the battery over the edge of your shoe using the clip provided or e.g. screw the batteries onto your ski boots.