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  • Heated insoles, remote control and USB charger
  • Battery pack built-in the insole
  • Heat duration: 3 – 9,5 hours

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Model: AH11 Heated Insoles

Cold feet? Never again! With ALPENHEAT’s remote controlled WIRELESS HOTSOLE foot warmers, you will never have to worry about cold feet again. Using the latest technology, your cold feet will be quickly and gently warmed, the HEAT IS ON!

The cordless heated insole has a heating element embedded in the toe/ball area of the insole and the rechargeable battery is built into the back of the insole. The heat is switched on and off and adjusted using the remote control. There are 3 different heat settings, providing up to 9,5 hours of heat and the HOTSOLEs are available in 2 different sizes.

The POLIYOU® foam material has special properties, such as excellent breathable quality, superior ventilation, good dampness absorption, acts anti-bacterial & helps prevent athlete’s foot. The soft but durable insole material enhances shoe comfort, cradling the feet and keeping you comfortably warm. 

Use whilst skiing, snowboarding, hunting, fishing, horseback riding, bicycling or as a spectator watching an ice-hockey game or football match. Especially recommended for people in wheelchairs and people working in cold conditions!


  • Heated insoles
  • POLIYOU® foam insoles with heating elements embedded in the toe area
  • Heat duration: 3 – 9,5 hours
  • Rechargeable Li-Polymer batteries 3.7V / 1.8Ah / 6.7Wh
  • Battery pack built-in the insole
  • Insole is 16mm thick at the back
  • Remote control, 3 heat settings (AC7)
  • 2 sizes
    • Small/Medium 35-40 (IS9 S/M)
    • Large/XLarge 41-46 (IS9 L/XL)
  • Charging time 4 - 5 hrs
Set Content:

2 insoles with embedded heating elements either (IS9 S/M) or (IS9 L/XL), 1 USB charger (LG6a), 1 remote control (AC7) 



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